Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

For the Monday I'm Out

Hi everyone. While I'm out, there's something you all could do that would be quite helpful. We have a bunch of students who have just got back from the two clay conferences, CCACA and NCECA. I want to capture that for two things:

1. The short video for the SNC website about travel opportunities for students.

2. Some blog posts about the student participation in the conferences.

I know some of the students who went were Karl Schwiesow, Molly Allen and Amanda Dabel. Professors Rick Parsons and Sheri Leigh went as well. I know a lot of the students documented the trip with photos. If you could all go and talk to the participating students and Profs, and collect photos from them, uploading them to the SNCFA Flickr, under a set called CCACA-NCECA-2012, before Wednesday's class, that would be extremely helpful.

In addition, if it would be possible to interview some of the participants before Wednesday, that would be an extra bonus. That way, we'd be set up with raw materials Wednesday to move the blog posts and the video forward.