Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

For the Monday I'm Out

Hi everyone. While I'm out, there's something you all could do that would be quite helpful. We have a bunch of students who have just got back from the two clay conferences, CCACA and NCECA. I want to capture that for two things:

1. The short video for the SNC website about travel opportunities for students.

2. Some blog posts about the student participation in the conferences.

I know some of the students who went were Karl Schwiesow, Molly Allen and Amanda Dabel. Professors Rick Parsons and Sheri Leigh went as well. I know a lot of the students documented the trip with photos. If you could all go and talk to the participating students and Profs, and collect photos from them, uploading them to the SNCFA Flickr, under a set called CCACA-NCECA-2012, before Wednesday's class, that would be extremely helpful.

In addition, if it would be possible to interview some of the participants before Wednesday, that would be an extra bonus. That way, we'd be set up with raw materials Wednesday to move the blog posts and the video forward.


Monday, March 5, 2012

green man outline

Need to add in recycling around campus

Green School Script:

  1. Wide angle overhead- zoom in

Meets tour group in lobby

Green man follows perspective student around campus

  1. Cafeteria

Student in cafeteria. Has to-go box but is looking for paper coffee cup. Asks cashier for one. Green man pops up and talks about waste of average school cafeterias and how we are reducing that buy using reusable containers.

  1. Walkway/ slackline/ students outdoors

(Green man slacklining while snowboarder comes down hill, people snow shoeing/playing in snow?)

Time lapse of snow and shot of students walking barefoot.

Green man pops out and explains why students are walking barefoot/ why theres no snow/ whats cool about the walkway

  1. Library

Student walking through isles of book shelves. Stops to pull out sustainability book. Green mans face comes out of book and/or shelf and states facts about our library/ sustainability.

  1. TCES

Student approached doors of TCES. Camera will be behind looking at building with student’s head in it from behind. Camera then switches to face students with green man over the shoulder of the students stating facts about the building itself.

    1. Boat

Talks about why the boat is there, our research, and partnership with UC Davis

    1. Aquaponics

Student walks into garden and puts face up to fish tank. Camera sees student from other side of tank. Green man pops up from behind tank or through plants and talks about the garden and how it is self-sustainable.

    1. Timed Lights

Students/ teacher/ class in the room and the lights go off. Zooms into student sitting behind computer with that light shining on them. Green man pops up on computer on computer screen and talks about the timed lights, solar and electricity facts. Student gets freaked out and closes computer.

    1. Urinal

Student gets up to go to bathroom and sees green man everywhere. In a panic runs into the bathroom/ wrong bathroom. Student goes up to urinal and green man pops up behind shoulder. States facts about urinal. Get a shot of toilet flushing.

…that shot then turns into trees spinning and green man laying on floor.

Time lapse between scenes- darken/lighten when enter room

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green aspects

Green man narrating positive green aspects

Heated walkways

TCES Building
-no-flush toilets
materials used
automatic lights (always going off)
mixed cement

Aquaponics garden

UC Davis & SNC Profs studying the lake

ODAL students


solar panels and water heaters, solar water faucets

enviro students

awnings on south side

enjoying where we are


cafeteria to-go containers, etc.

Matt's doing the research.

Admissions interruption, prospective student in the urinal, students in the outdoors

galleria demo

m brill log

  • galleria flickr plugin configured
  • galleria autoplay setup
  • galleria keyboard navigation setup
  • galleria fullscreen mode setup

  • setup galleria for use on blogger
  • fixed fullscreen escape bug

  • created simple function to create new gallery
  • developed method to allow multiple galleries on a single page
  • must fix: div clears when you press escape key to exit full screen mode

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

calos log

Prepared blog post. Getting text down and piking pics. contacting artists.

2/15 puting together pics for exhibiting student artwork
2/22 puting exhb studnt work video together as well as cooperation of green video
3/5 green video prep. and finishing up exhibit of student work video.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sean Collins log

Collaborated on Instagram message.

Contacted Jessica regarding student artist profile for website.

Interviewed Jessica for student profile.

Posted Jessica's Student Profile on SNC Fine Arts blog.

Collaborated on green man script outline.

Worked on green man script

Made titles for green man video. Found music and sound effects.

Monday, January 30, 2012

ethan rollins log

shot picures in mary kennys class
filtered through flikr for sncfa to communicate small atmoshere.

shot and uploaded:
uploaded pictures of ricks sculture class
uploaded pics of marys printmaking class

Se Jin Kim: Log


Sorted through photos of BFA and JAPR with Carlos Barragan.


Uploaded photos to Flickr.

Log Danny Kern

Danny Kern: 1/30 and before
- contacted Rick for ceramics class video
- contacted Mary for print making class video
- contacted Savvanah for her to come in to class wednesday
- sorted through photos from art shows.
- took a photo of rick teaching students in the wood shop.

- brought Savanah in
- Got all the equipment ready to start video for ceramics
- went to ceramics set up time elapses, and recorded with 7D some students working as well as rick teaching
- picked up go pros after class was over

- uploaded data from previous classes work
- started to edit time elapse
- got equipment charged cleared memory,
- went and shot at print making class at 230

- went and set up print making time elapse,
- began editing cermaics footage.
- uploaded print making time elapse.

- edited ceramics footage
- put together print making time elapse
- set up more time elapse

- filmed brets artist profile interview
- uploaded footatge

- worked on green video screen play and script

- edited brets interview
- worked on green man script

3/7 filmed green man

3/12 went through green man clips lined them up. worked on bretts artist profile. didn't save :(

3/14 snow day

3/19 holiday

3/21 edited green man video

3/26 edited green man video

3/28 edited green man video and bretts video

4/2 gone snowboarding in CO

4/11 ---------

4/9 finished bretts artist profile got critique making changes on 4/11

4/11 made changes to bretts video didn't save!!! :(

4/16 redid changes to bretts video
took time elapse from glens art show
made time elapse
exported bretts video

4/18 waited for vimeo account info

4/23 made changes to artist profile exported and uploaded to vimeo

4/25 no class

4/30  filled out survey./

5/2 worked on traveler slide show

5/'7  finished travelers slide show as far as i could,
changed green man video settings on vimeo.

Chelsea Christoph: Log

finished working on bfa/Japr video
worked on bfa/Japr video
worked on bfa/Japr video
worked on bfa/Japr video and added photos to ceramics set on fliker
worked on bfa/Japr video
worked on adding Jessica pictures to exhibitions video
fixed up NCECA blog post
wrote blog post for NCECA
interviewed karl for NCECA blog post
worked on and finished high school contact sheet
2/22/12- 3/21/12
worked on exhibitions video
worked on exhibitions video
found pictures for student exhibitions video
worked on business card and research who high school counselors are
worked on business card
Posted on blog about instagram
sent out email to students about instagram
Sorted through photos for mixed disciplines.

Kasey Hartsock: Log

(date and what kind of activity)

1/30 - Collecting photos for website, taken in class, and from other sources.
*Artist of the Month, Past Events - JAPR, Visiting Artists
1/31 - Photos and Info from the Austin Young presentation
2/13 went through photos on Flickr, sorting, adding, and choosing for website.

2/9 Photos from Light on your Feet gallery night & Autumn Beck speaking
also interviews from students that participated in Light on your Feet
2/9 Preparing blog post for Light on your Feet
Past week* instagram photos posted (4)
2/13 blog post for light on your feet completed with christy
2/13 proof reading write up for videos

Carlos Barragan, log


Sorted thru photos of BFA and JAPR.

Rachael Robertson: Log

Sorted through photos for snc travel
made student profile interview questions template
collaborated with sean to contact jessica about student profile interview
interviewed jessica and posted on blog with sean
helped with beginning of green man video
helped find music and sound effects for green man video with sean
Karl interview for nceca
helped write/edit nceca blog post with chelsea
japr spring 2012-picked and posted blog pics

christy: log

instagramming 24/7

arranged meeting with marketing and admissions

sorted through my photos of art department activities

created blog post about the light on your feet show

took photos/covered the light on your feet closing

created blog post with kasey about the light on your feet closing
prof-read on write up material for videos
sorted through flickr photos

located and uploaded more photos from travel courses to flickr account
spoke with nick in admissions about the email blasts
created email info to give to nick
spoke with admissions, along with kasey, about welcome/acceptance video

worked on story board/script for green video

sorted through photos for discipline video

met up with classmates filming green video

collected photos for disciplines video

working on: collecting photos for disciplines video, student profile, japr footage, and ceramics conference blog post

interview of kasey for the blog

emailed nick in admissions
got nceca photos- posted to flickr
got photos of jessica's bfa install- posted to flickr

posted photos of jessica's bfa to flickr
blog post- instagram photos of the week

posted some more travel photos to flickr from molly's facebook
spoke with chelsea about inputting photos from jessica's show into bfa video

added photos to flickr for areas of concentration

added photos of tahoe to flickr for travel video
completed blog post on student show- waiting for pictures to include

posted pics to flickr for travel video from gallery club san fran trip

Chris Lanier: Log

Sorted through photos

Photo resources

Note: we're going to start a work log for each of you to update – keeping track of all the tasks you'll be working on over the semester. I want you to create a blog post, titled with your name and the word "Log," and also with the tag "log," which you'll continually edit, adding items to it over the coming weeks.

We're going to be gathering images for the marketing materials today. I've brought photos, and I'll also provide links to places where we can download other photos. Mapping from my initial marketing proposal, here are the areas we want to gather photos for:

1. COMMUNITY. Sense of community. "Small is beautiful." People gathering, enjoying the work, and each others' company.

2. STUDENT WORK. Showing it, developing it. The JAPR/BFA process. Should have separate folders for each.

3. MIXING DISCIPLINES. The ability to play and experiment across media. A good place to gather work in various sub-categories:

a. ceramics
b. sculpture
c. new genres
d. drawing and painting
e. music
f. digital art

4. ENVIRONMENT AND TRAVEL. Trips and travel classes. Burning Man, High Desert, Etek, etc.

I'm thinking that we should have about 40 really strong images in each category, with perhaps a folder of another 50 or so as backups or space-fillers.

Here are links to online resources for photos:

From the blog:

Student art
Student blogging
Burning Man
Gallery club
Tahoe Gallery
BFA shows

SNCFA flickr (look at sets, too)

SNCFA Facebook photos

SNCFA Photo Albums

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For next week

Follow up with Rick (this coming Wednesday)
Talk to Mary about timelapse (in two weeks)
Creeping and shooting in the art dept
Talk to Savannah (she's in on Wednesday, at 1pm)
(out on monday)

Shooting art department classes
Covering Austin

Shooting art department classes (will shoot today)

A blog post (I need to send an invite)

Flickr slideshows on snc website (set up test page for flickr slideshows)

Blog post (instagram?)

Follow up with Admission, contact Logan and Marketing (We'll meet on the 6th at 2:15)

Everyone: bring photos

Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow day today

No class today, due to the weather. See you on wednesday.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Welcome to the blog for the "SNC Fine Art Marketing" class.

You can download my initial marketing proposal here:

And a download for the class syllabus is here:

Your first assignment is to find a website of a comparable college, and look at their art department section. Once you've selected a college website, please post the name of the college in the "comments" section of this post – and make sure no one else has already chosen that particular college. Next class, you'll present on the art department section of that website – so we can get a sense of who the competition is, and how they present themselves. I want you to answer the following questions in your presentation (you should also have the answers in a hard-copy printout – not as a fully written essay/paper, but as a bulleted list):

1. What information about the art department is available on its site? What information seems helpful? What information seems unnecessary?

2. What is the central message of the art department, and how is that message communicated? Do you feel it's communicated well or poorly? And why?

3. What do you think of the design of the site? How is the site using imagery, multimedia, font, and palette? Do you think it is effectively designed? Why or why not?

4. What elements would be most useful for us to imitate/build upon for the SNC Art Department website?

Here are links to what we currently have online:

SNC/FA website:

SNC/FA blog:

SNC/FA page through the SNC main site:

SNC/FA facebook: