Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo resources

Note: we're going to start a work log for each of you to update – keeping track of all the tasks you'll be working on over the semester. I want you to create a blog post, titled with your name and the word "Log," and also with the tag "log," which you'll continually edit, adding items to it over the coming weeks.

We're going to be gathering images for the marketing materials today. I've brought photos, and I'll also provide links to places where we can download other photos. Mapping from my initial marketing proposal, here are the areas we want to gather photos for:

1. COMMUNITY. Sense of community. "Small is beautiful." People gathering, enjoying the work, and each others' company.

2. STUDENT WORK. Showing it, developing it. The JAPR/BFA process. Should have separate folders for each.

3. MIXING DISCIPLINES. The ability to play and experiment across media. A good place to gather work in various sub-categories:

a. ceramics
b. sculpture
c. new genres
d. drawing and painting
e. music
f. digital art

4. ENVIRONMENT AND TRAVEL. Trips and travel classes. Burning Man, High Desert, Etek, etc.

I'm thinking that we should have about 40 really strong images in each category, with perhaps a folder of another 50 or so as backups or space-fillers.

Here are links to online resources for photos:

From the blog:

Student art
Student blogging
Burning Man
Gallery club
Tahoe Gallery
BFA shows

SNCFA flickr (look at sets, too)

SNCFA Facebook photos

SNCFA Photo Albums

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