Monday, January 30, 2012

Log Danny Kern

Danny Kern: 1/30 and before
- contacted Rick for ceramics class video
- contacted Mary for print making class video
- contacted Savvanah for her to come in to class wednesday
- sorted through photos from art shows.
- took a photo of rick teaching students in the wood shop.

- brought Savanah in
- Got all the equipment ready to start video for ceramics
- went to ceramics set up time elapses, and recorded with 7D some students working as well as rick teaching
- picked up go pros after class was over

- uploaded data from previous classes work
- started to edit time elapse
- got equipment charged cleared memory,
- went and shot at print making class at 230

- went and set up print making time elapse,
- began editing cermaics footage.
- uploaded print making time elapse.

- edited ceramics footage
- put together print making time elapse
- set up more time elapse

- filmed brets artist profile interview
- uploaded footatge

- worked on green video screen play and script

- edited brets interview
- worked on green man script

3/7 filmed green man

3/12 went through green man clips lined them up. worked on bretts artist profile. didn't save :(

3/14 snow day

3/19 holiday

3/21 edited green man video

3/26 edited green man video

3/28 edited green man video and bretts video

4/2 gone snowboarding in CO

4/11 ---------

4/9 finished bretts artist profile got critique making changes on 4/11

4/11 made changes to bretts video didn't save!!! :(

4/16 redid changes to bretts video
took time elapse from glens art show
made time elapse
exported bretts video

4/18 waited for vimeo account info

4/23 made changes to artist profile exported and uploaded to vimeo

4/25 no class

4/30  filled out survey./

5/2 worked on traveler slide show

5/'7  finished travelers slide show as far as i could,
changed green man video settings on vimeo.

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