Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green aspects

Green man narrating positive green aspects

Heated walkways

TCES Building
-no-flush toilets
materials used
automatic lights (always going off)
mixed cement

Aquaponics garden

UC Davis & SNC Profs studying the lake

ODAL students


solar panels and water heaters, solar water faucets

enviro students

awnings on south side

enjoying where we are


cafeteria to-go containers, etc.

Matt's doing the research.

Admissions interruption, prospective student in the urinal, students in the outdoors

galleria demo

m brill log

  • galleria flickr plugin configured
  • galleria autoplay setup
  • galleria keyboard navigation setup
  • galleria fullscreen mode setup

  • setup galleria for use on blogger
  • fixed fullscreen escape bug

  • created simple function to create new gallery
  • developed method to allow multiple galleries on a single page
  • must fix: div clears when you press escape key to exit full screen mode

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

calos log

Prepared blog post. Getting text down and piking pics. contacting artists.

2/15 puting together pics for exhibiting student artwork
2/22 puting exhb studnt work video together as well as cooperation of green video
3/5 green video prep. and finishing up exhibit of student work video.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sean Collins log

Collaborated on Instagram message.

Contacted Jessica regarding student artist profile for website.

Interviewed Jessica for student profile.

Posted Jessica's Student Profile on SNC Fine Arts blog.

Collaborated on green man script outline.

Worked on green man script

Made titles for green man video. Found music and sound effects.