Monday, March 5, 2012

green man outline

Need to add in recycling around campus

Green School Script:

  1. Wide angle overhead- zoom in

Meets tour group in lobby

Green man follows perspective student around campus

  1. Cafeteria

Student in cafeteria. Has to-go box but is looking for paper coffee cup. Asks cashier for one. Green man pops up and talks about waste of average school cafeterias and how we are reducing that buy using reusable containers.

  1. Walkway/ slackline/ students outdoors

(Green man slacklining while snowboarder comes down hill, people snow shoeing/playing in snow?)

Time lapse of snow and shot of students walking barefoot.

Green man pops out and explains why students are walking barefoot/ why theres no snow/ whats cool about the walkway

  1. Library

Student walking through isles of book shelves. Stops to pull out sustainability book. Green mans face comes out of book and/or shelf and states facts about our library/ sustainability.

  1. TCES

Student approached doors of TCES. Camera will be behind looking at building with student’s head in it from behind. Camera then switches to face students with green man over the shoulder of the students stating facts about the building itself.

    1. Boat

Talks about why the boat is there, our research, and partnership with UC Davis

    1. Aquaponics

Student walks into garden and puts face up to fish tank. Camera sees student from other side of tank. Green man pops up from behind tank or through plants and talks about the garden and how it is self-sustainable.

    1. Timed Lights

Students/ teacher/ class in the room and the lights go off. Zooms into student sitting behind computer with that light shining on them. Green man pops up on computer on computer screen and talks about the timed lights, solar and electricity facts. Student gets freaked out and closes computer.

    1. Urinal

Student gets up to go to bathroom and sees green man everywhere. In a panic runs into the bathroom/ wrong bathroom. Student goes up to urinal and green man pops up behind shoulder. States facts about urinal. Get a shot of toilet flushing.

…that shot then turns into trees spinning and green man laying on floor.

Time lapse between scenes- darken/lighten when enter room