Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Potential stories

This week:

Justin - will get snowman contest pics & interviews (written notes)

Maggie - will spearhead coverage of artist opening this thurs – Chelsea & Brett may also take pics.

Story ideas/Next steps:

Business Competition - Jared Grimes: Forest has questions, will follow up with Jared. Chris will talk to Richard.

Jared Stanley - poetry & new genres project. Maggie will talk to Jared and see if he'd like to be interviewed. We have questions for him.

Profile of athlete - Tea Palic. Erik has questions. See if we'll have photos and/or video.

Travel Course - Chelsea will approach Mary about interview. Has questions for her.

Brett – TNT. Has questions prepared. Will video thursday night.

ODAL: Katelyn - should talk to Rosie Hackett. Class meets at the same time as ours, which is convenient.

Science: Spectrum analysis of trees - Chris will talk to Chuck.

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