Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey guys – many apologies, it's been a comedy of errors today. Dealing with a busted water heater.

Here are some instructions for today, as well as info for the final.

The online course evaluation is here - please take ten minutes today to fill it out (I do read them!):

Our final is on Monday, 5/13, from 3pm-5pm. It's going to be one extra "production" day, to give us a last chance to finish up any editing details, or sneak in a last blog post or two. 

For today, I want to make sure the Tea Palic interview and the Amanda Dabel interview get completely squared away, including titles and credits. Also, I'd like the Poetry Slam footage to be chopped up into one 2-3 minute "trailer" (with a sampling of good stanzas from a variety of the poets), plus four separate videos giving the full performance of the four winners (third place was a tie). Lastly - Forest, you should move along your two business competition videos far enough that, with editing on Friday, you can finish them up by the end of our final.

Brett - if you can help Erik with the Palic interview, and Andrew, if you can help Maggie with the Dabel one, that would be great. Once those look good to go, you could maybe help with the Poetry Slam stuff - in the meantime, Justin, if you could get started with those clips, that would be great.

Chelsea sent me an email saying she can't make it today - but she has posted up the San Fran trip.

Again, sorry to punk out today  and I know last week was scattered too. Was hoping to have a rousing finish this week, and am amazed & appalled I'm dealing with this out-of-left-field water heater drama. If you need to call me during class time, feel free - my cell is 415-845-5670.

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